Warm and Real

by Moe Meguro

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Jojo wrote the songs from 'Warm and Real' when he was feeling up his roots in Urasoe, Okinawa. Back in the states longtime friends Bernie and Adam joined in and shortly after they recorded 'Warm and Real' at Ghost Town Galleries in west Oakland


released August 6, 2010

lyrics by joseph brandel
song by moe meguro
produced by greg ashley at ghost town galleries



all rights reserved


Moe Meguro Berkeley, California

"crosby, stills, & nash meets cap'n jazz"

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Track Name: Baby Meguro
there's a place that's called heaven
i know mr. saito rents it
but he don't give a shit about my end

he's got a daughter named moe meguro
she's the queen of curling from central incantesa
but i don't even care i don't make no sense

unlike leann rimes
baby meguro, darling you are mine

unlike leann rimes
baby meguro, darling you are mine

she knows my name
i got her number
we never talk
cause i'm encumbered
i know her name from the tv screen

baby meguro i wanna make ya, baby i do
(baby meguro i wanna make a baby with you)

but we know you don't have to cry,
you lost so many games
baby meguro, darling you are mine

unlike leann rimes
baby meguro, darling you are mine

unlike leann rimes
baby meguro, darling you are mine
Track Name: Punched in the Face (For Risen)
How many schoolgirls did you see that day? The feeling much like the side of my face. Three girls from taiwan and a bunch of malaysians-- let's cook dinner! Let's hear about your part-time job. I wanna hear you. Can't tell me highlights? My mind is aligned, my mother tongue unbinds, and I smile often secretly, why? Jackie is listening to American Football. She can even help me... I got punched in the face for Risen and her kitchen knife. I got punched in the face for... Risen? Ya Jo. Let's cook dinner...
Track Name: Later
Clueless enough we don't have to try. Look up at the sky and cross your eyes. And I will screw myself with my hand if I can't let you die, so later. It is my only regret that I don't know your name. And write my name on the wall, sometime later. I will screw myself, I'm still screwed. I got loose bolts and whole loose ends and... the only significance is my fucking job to write my name on the wall, sometime later. Write my name on the wall sometime later. Later...
Track Name: Spirit Song
I've been broken up. I'm in good spirits, you've got a friend in the ground. Keep your to the dirt and talk real slowly now. This town has got a lot of scary things, but it breaks my heart when we talk to the dead and we walk. I can't stand anymore. I can't stand it lord. I'm going down that road. Back to the ground. I say goodbye to auntie and grandpa now. I wave goodbye from afar they seem real proud. Watch out for marines they really hate me. They wanna kick my ass and curbstomp my face. But telepathy that's my favorite time of the day. Ryujin Mabuya is on at 8, but we gotta leave the house, because I love the sun outside.